Hello,I am from Bangladesh. I want to know some issues. If I fo to Canada with a Temporary Resident Visa that is actually tourist visa, can Cha?

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Hello,I am from Bangladesh. I want to know some issues. If I fo to Canada with a Temporary Resident Visa that is actually tourist visa, can Cha?. Do You mam and sir own that kind of concern?, If do then please get the best feedback below:

Hello,I am from Bangladesh. I want to know some issues. If I fo to Canada with a Temporary Resident Visa that is actually tourist visa, can Change it to Work permit visa? Is their any way? I want to come in Canada and stay their and want to do job. Is it possible while I am in Tourist visa?My Education & Work Background:Job Experience: 5 yearsPosition: Executive, Marketing & SalesHSC : 2009SSC : 2007


Answers for this question:

In writing a letter to your boss regarding your request to change the visa, you must consider and write the following:

1. Start it with a salutation
2. Give your warmest greeting
3. State your request
4. State your reason
5. Ending salutation

Here is an example of a request letter to change a visa type. Just replace the details to suit your needs.

April 9, 2014

Dear Sir,

The undersigned is an employee of (your companies name) in IT Department. You issued me a visa to have my work at Hong Kong.

In view of this, I hereby request to change the type of visa that was issued to us by the company. It was a visit visa, therefore i hope you can change it to permanent visa for the reason that I decided to have my family migrated to Hong Kong.

I hope for your kindness and consideration to grant me this request.

Respectfully Yours,
Howard Taff.


NOC means No Objection Letter. I will give you an example of it`s content.

To Whom it may concern

I, (your name), (your passport #) don`t have any objection that name(of your child), (passport # of your child) will(reason for NoC) will sponsor a …….. visa for ……………

Then mention profession/position in company and income.

In case of any further question please contact name…….and phone#

Duly signed and stamped

Please make up your mind: are you employed and have an employer or do you own a business under a local sponsorship.

If you are entitled to write/sign a NoC. go by my example and do so. Where is the problem?

Just fill out the……..and you have your NoC.

Sorry for mixing up. Please just try to understand my sample letter.



You have to state the purpose of your travel, in this case you are applying for a visitor`s visa, therefore you need to prove you are going to visit only and you have many reasons to come back to your Country.

Like a stable job, the children are going to school, you have a bank account, a car an any other assets, like a house or properties on your name.

The letter should contain the purpose of your trip, the length of your stay, who`s traveling with you, where are you staying and what places are you visiting.

Along with the letter if needed to back up your statement you can provide, additional documents to demonstrate you are attached to your Country and just willing to visit.


As per the regulations by the ministry of immigration services,

An Investor is defined in the Immigration & Refugee Protection Act (IRPA) Regulations as a foreign national who:
(a) has business experience;
(b) has a legally obtained net worth of at least $ $1.6 Million CAD;



Business immigration process is based on a point system. The pass mark for this criteria is 35 and the applicant is assessed based on 5 factors. The factors are business experience, age, education, language ability and adaptability. For more information check out .


If you are a resident of the U.S., all you need is a enhanced driver`s license and you should no issues needing a visa or anything.


Dude try to fill this up , hope this helps
to Dxb Immigration for Visa.pdf.


If you are a US citizen you do not need a Visa to visist Canada. You do need a current US passport though.


You must follow up first, try to contact them. go and do inquire. meet them personally. then you will get answer there and then.