Hello,I need to take permission from my boss to leave early from work. How can I say that?

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Hello,I need to take permission from my boss to leave early from work. How can I say that?. Do You misses or mister has that kind of query?, If do then please found the answer right after below:

Answers for this question:

Just tell him if he could just permit you to leave early for work since an emergency arises. You also need to tell him that you will just catch up any work that you might not have done for today. I am sure as long as it is something important, he will let you out early. He knows that if it would worsen, there is a much more higher probability that you might not be able to come to work the next day to fix everything.


To write a letter of permission, the most important detail that you have to include is the reason why you need to leave early. If you have a valid reason, most likely you will be allowed to leave early.
You can make use of this letter as your guide.

Dear Sir,
I would like to request you to allow me to leave two hours earlier on Wednesday, ________, 2013, because __________________________________. I will make sure that I will do my job properly and nothing will be left unattended. But I will make up for this under time during the next days, Thursday and Friday.
Hoping for your kind consideration.
Respectfully Yours,


Dear Sir/Madam,

I like to request if I could go home early. Because I got some visitors tomorrow. I will go to work earlier wherein the time is the equivalent to the minutes that I will go home ahead of time. I need to see my visitors as they come from long distance. I will still need to travel going to my home. I will get caught in a heavy traffic. And I still need to prepare the foods for them.

Sincerely yours,
Your name.


You can use this format:

Dear _______,

Good day. I am writing to request if i can leave one hour earlier from my scheduled work hours which is from ____ to ____. I will need that one hour for studying purposes because ________________ (example: exam week). I am looking forward to your kind consideration. Thank you.




Tell your boss the reason about the early leave. Tell your boss what kind of test your be undergoing. Also tell your boss that there is someone who can do the survey for the furniture and also tell your boss that he might do well that you. I am sure that he will allow you to do so since its about your health and also since there is a reliever.


Hello.. it is not necessary to ask for any leave application for just 2 hours, if you want make some under time so that you can go home early, i know your boss will understand you since it is your first time and i know there is any reason why you need that under time.


You just explain to him that you have a very important class that you need to take and need time to do it be honest.


Well you should tell them that your leaving them and that you found a place of your own so that you won`t worry them.