Help for andriod tablet Model number LT7035-L?

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Help for andriod tablet Model number LT7035-L?. Do You mam & sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then please found the answer below this line:\r\n

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There is a reset hole in your device you can reset your device by poking the reset hole with a paper clip or a long pointed object like a wire and hold for about 20 seconds while your tablet is powered up and will restart it self and all will be back to default values.

see this screenshot where you can find the hole:

The second option is to access the recovery menu on your tablet to make a system reset. All applications and any files in the internal storage will be deleted. You should backup first.

To reset:

1. Turn off tablet
2. Press and hold Volume up and power at least 30 seconds to get the menu up.

see this screenshot:

3. Keep poking the hole to get in to the Wipe data and factory reset then press power to select
4. When it process the request, go back to the previous menu and select restart for the device will now power cycle.


You just need to follow this simple steps: From the home screen, click menu button, and then to the settings. After that, go to applications. You need to manage applications and choose on the all tab at the top. Then, go down to “Market” and clear your data and cache. When you open Android Market, there`s a pop up screen to accept the Terms and Conditions of Google Play and then the app will update itself. When update has been completed, you need to restart your tablet.


Have a cobalt tablet S1000 and forgot my password and when I get to where the passwords is to be entered it want let me do anything? Please help me reset my tablet I have tried to reset and I have held the power button and the up volume button at the same time and it want reset.


You cannot connect your Tablet to the internet using USB. Tablet device only connects through WiFi and if you don`t have WiFi connection there is no way to connect the tablet to the internet.


You can never track your tablet again specially if you did not installed a tracker on your tablet.
What I need you do is report the incident to the authorities and change the password of every account on that is on the tablet.


Proscan PL7035 maybe better I think because one of my friend has one.




There might be an option in setteings.


I think Proscan PL7035 is better.