Here are 9 things you never dared to ask About SNAPCHAT

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Completely missed the social media trend? How to get started?. Everyone’s talking about it, some even seem to live half their lives on it.  Self makes you not a jot?

Here you have everything you need to know to become a snapchat-pro in no time.

Since its launch in 2011 has picture chat snapchat gone off like a rocket. Over 200 million users a month in just four years, there are figures who receive both Facebook and Instagram to fade. And it is especially young people who seem to like what the app offers – being able to share snippets of everyday life in an unadorned and humorous way.
81 percent of 12-15-year-olds here

In the group of 12-15 year olds have a total of 81 percent of the country’s Internet users snapchat, according to figures from the Internet Foundation in Sweden.

– I believe that much of the success is all about simplicity and the platform is fairly private as opposed to, for example, Facebook and Twitter. On snapchat you share their photos and movies with only selected friends and moreover it disappears you posted a few seconds after the receiver looked at it, says Cecilia Victoria Aslund, a consultant in social media.

She believes that the private is totally in line with how young people behave in other social media today, it is no longer as interesting to be visible to as many people as possible. You can be creative and use a lot of humor in the app are enough, according to Cecilia Victoria, also contributed to the success.
“Playfully – and parental-free”

– Snapchat is more playful and not as serious as other social media platforms. And another aspect – if you are twelve and their parents on Facebook, it is simply not so fun that was there, she says.

Is not to say that snapchat will always be an app for adolescents. In terms of the former social media has spread into old age would it not unlikely that the same thing soon happens to snapchat.

– I am a real snapchat junkie and my friends, who are 30 years of age, it increases all the time. Even my 64-year-old father has begun Snapchatta. So it is only a matter of time and more willing to try., Says Cecilia Victoria.

9 things you never dared to ask About SNAPCHAT

things to do with SNAPCHAT

1. How do I start an SnapChat account?

Select “Sign up” on the home page, then fill in your email address, a password of at least eight letters and a username.

Choose a name you will be happy with, it can not be changed in retrospect. Click on “verify your phone number” and enter your phone number – this is not a must, but can be useful if you forgot your password.

Finally, to prove you are not a robot.

2. What is a “Snap”

A snap a picture or video that you take yourself and then share with your friends who also have snapchat. Friends can in their phones to see when you’ve posted something and can then watch your snap for up to ten seconds. After the message is deleted.

A common misconception is that your friends can not save your snaps, that’s not true. Images can save by producing a screenshot.

3. How do I make a snap?

To make a video, press the gray round the ring as long as you want the movie to last.

Determine how long you want your friends to be able to see the picture or video by pressing the timer symbol in the bottom left corner.

Mail by pressing the arrow in the lower right corner and choose whom or which friends should see the image. Do you want to save your snap before sending it, press the download icon to the left of the timer icon in the lower left corner.

4. How do I write a text in the image?

To write something in your snap, touch anywhere on the screen.

A text box will pop up and just write off.

5. How I draw my picture?

You can draw both your photos and videos.

Do this: Press the clip right corner.

Select the color and begin to create large format.

6. How do I fix a selfie?

Top right-hand corner you’ll find a camera icon with an arrow on, tap it and you can take a selfie.

7. How do I create a story?

A story is a Snap your friends can view an unlimited number of times in twenty four hours.

Such fixes this by pressing the square with a plus in the corner you will find at the bottom of the screen.

8. How do I filter?

After taking your card, swipe left, and you can select different filter.

For example you can change the tint of the image, showing how many degrees it is outside or what time it is where you are.

9. How do I find my friends?

Click on the little ghost and then “My friends.”

In your list of contacts, you can see who are already using snapchat, the other you can choose to send an invitation to.

To follow celebrities you look just on their name, you’re in luck as the celebrity you are seeking received a “verified account”.

Have they not such a thing, you must know their username.