Here is the Secret Mouse Trick in Windows 10

By On Friday, January 8th, 2016 Categories : computer, Windows
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secret mouse trick windows 10

Here is the Secret Mouse Trick in Windows 10IndieTech.My.Id, Windows 10 does away an annoyance for those who are used to working in multiple windows simultaneously.

Windows 10 is a major update and a big change with many substantial improvements. But there are also little details that no one hardly has discovered, those where little nifty things that makes you happy. Such is the browsing of inactive windows.

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When working with multiple program windows open at the same time it can be really annoying to scroll the contents of the various windows up and down using the mouse wheel. To be able to roll a new window than it is right now working in, perhaps to see any information you need, you need namely, first switch the focus by clicking on it.

And once you’ve read what you need, you need to find your original window and make it active again in order to continue working in it. This Microsoft has thought about the Windows 10, where it is only moving the mouse over another window and scroll the mouse wheel. The second window may even be partially obstructed. A real time-saving windows 10 tricks.

Secret Mouse Trick in Windows 10

secret mouse trick windows 10

The feature is enabled by default, but it would not be there, activate it easily.

  • Click the Start button and then Settings.
  • Click Devices.
  • Click the mouse and touchpad.
  • Adjust the slider in the scroll the contents of inactive windows when I hover over them in the On position.
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