Horizon Zero Dawn puts no weight on the enormous map

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horizone zero dawn game

The Witcher 3, GTA V, Just Cause 3. These three titles are hard marketed its huge maps. And certainly, there is a point of great worlds: the freedom is greater and there is more gameplay for money. But sometimes we get tired and would rather have smaller and more streamlined experience.

Therefore, it is like a breath of fresh air when Guerrila Games now tell us that they do not add any Tyng at the huge in the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn game. Certainly, the world is great but that is not where the focus should lie. Instead, the density of the.

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horizone zero dawn game

There are Latin American IGN (via Push Square) who interviewed producer Mark Norris:

“I think it’s always interesting When We talk about an open-world, [many] wonder how big the map is,”

He adds:

“I think one of the things You should ask is how dense the population of That map is, what activities will be [like] or if it will [be] a map where you [have to] run where there is absolutely nothing.”

In other words, he thinks that a map full of things to see and do better than a giant map that is basically empty. And we totally agree with. It is just to see Fallout 4 as a prime example – the map is not very large (compared to other open-world games) but still packed content.

“We are really seeing the quality of the content thatwill be on the map, the number of secondary missions, how we want to shape the main story over the world map and feel full. We do not have a size That we can give, but I can say That we have done an analysis of other games and I think we’ll have Achieved something thatwill be good for Horizon Zero Dawn game, “concludes Norris.

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