How can i change my wifi password in mybro green packet?

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How can i change my wifi password in mybro green packet?. Do You mate has this kind of query?, If yes then plz get the good answer below this line:\r\n

Answers for this question:

What is your device that you use? If that is a router and forgot the namename and password, you can reset your device by pressing the reset button. It is located inside a small hole. Keep you device for this.

If it is not a router, kindly let us know to provide you information on how to do this.

If the wifi network you are connecting to needed a password, you need to contact the network administrator of that area.

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Access the router`s configuration page. Check the back of the router`s IP address and the default access.

1. Launch browser
2. Type the IP address in the address bar then Enter
3. Type the name name and password given to you.
4. Go to Wifi Tab and change the password for the wireless network in the passphrase box and apply.


As of the Moment There is no clear way on how to change MAC on your device Wimax DV250 Green Packet, The main reason is that it is illegal and you can`t easily access the Telnet admin of this device because it has a very secured program. In addition, the Internet service provider will surely be the one you are messing up with these. SO better not to try this though as this is tantamount to illegal use of Telcom services which is punishable by Law.


Try reconnecting to Wifi. It looks like Cydia isn`t picking up an Internet connection. If reconnecting to Wifi doesn`t help, try disabling WiFi and use your cellular data and and see if that fixes it.


Easily open the webpage of the router and give “admin ” , “admin” as login name and password and u will be able to acess the wifi.


Hi there, sorry to tell you that changing the packet of wimax is consedered as hac-king, we dont allowed that here. hope youll understand, thank you.


In internet explorer type when prompted enter Admin name Admin password then change password in wifi tab.


Insert your net sim to your mobile then go to settings then change the password.


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