How can I change service from my net 10 phone to my already activated trac phone and keep the same phone number?

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How can I change service from my net 10 phone to my already activated trac phone and keep the same phone number?. Are You mam has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz read the answer right after below:

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Disable service is due to network connection error, or simply says that the network of your phone is not active: some of it are Prepaid functions.

You can resolve this issue if you contact there customer care service:
They will instruct you on how to troubleshoot your problem:

You can also visit this site for much clearer support:

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Hello! Thank you for choosing our site to answer your question! What you are going to need to do is 1 of 2 things.

1. Call trac phone and they will give you a code to put into your phone to enable your service.

2, Go to
You will need to put in your device serial number and then you will have the option to choose “Prepaid service disabled”

I hope that this helped! Good luck!


If your tracfone says Service disable, you try to visit you carrier network service, and tell them that your Prepaid service is disable, then they fix that for your, but your can try to visit this link below:

Just put your serial number, and click “Prepaid service disabled”
Then just follow the instructions.
Hope that helps.


Hi! Are you on prepaid plan? You can call Tracfone customer & tech support at 1-800-876-5753 and tell them that you are having problem with your phone. Also, you can try this link Enter the serial number then click on prepaid service disabled. Then follow the instruction. Hope this helps. Thanks!


Usually, disabled network in Tracfone are only for those who are using prepaid service. So if your network service in Tracfone is disabled it means that you have to buy new card/minute and load it in your phone after that, turn off your phone and on it again. I`m sure it will work fine again. If not, feel free to contact your customer service and let them troubleshoot it for you.


How long has it been since she activated it? They say it can take up to 24 hours for it to fully activate. Outside of that, she could be outside of service area or the activation of her phone may have been botched in which case you would need to call Straight talk and ask them to resend the network request manually rather than using the automated system.


To fix “Prepaid Service Disabled” you have to visit this link:


Then you have to input your serial number.
Click on “Prepaid Service Disabled”.
Then you have to follow on screen instructions.


It is possible that you are not getting the signal (due to location) or there are issues in your service. I suggest you ask Trac Phone`s Customer Support to know the exact reason. In order to do that, please go here to inquire (fill up the drop down options):

Hope this helps.


Hi. The only way you can fix it is by calling your carrier. Ask them how to unlock your phone to use it for network service. Depending on your location, you can contact tracfone customer care here:

You can also write a ticket and enter your phone issue.


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