How can I create a bounce back message for a gmail accounts blocked msg?

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How can I create a bounce back message for a gmail accounts blocked msg?. Are You mam and sir own this kind of concern?, If do then please found the tips right after this line:\r\n

I want to notify those I`ve blocked -that their blocked from a gmail address


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Just forward to him his message to you…Bounce back ^_^

Sorry I`m a bit confuse with your problem. Anyways, if that person is sending you messages aside from bounce back messages that you received from him then you can do that. Just forward to him his own message.

But if that person is not sending you any message but those bounce back messages then it means he blocked you from sending him text messages and is using a third party software wherein he can bounce back every text you are sending him.


Hello Friend,

The Answer is No.
Its Just that you can send him a Message but on her Account Your message will not show.
Your message will Deliver on air but not to Him.
Once you`ve been Block by a person you can do anything you want but its do nothing in her account.
it will show nothing.

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Hi! Here is the link on how to send an email with an attachment on my Samsung Galaxy S III Hope this helps. Thanks!


No, once you`ve texted a person that blocked your sim. You will not recieve any message that the person you`ve texted had blocked you.


Why does my Gmail account say ‘sending has failed permanently? and how to fix it?. Please help me to fix it. Because i need to forward all messages to another gmail account.


Create a message that states “(your number) has blocked you from communicating at this time please resume communication when prompted by a future message” msg code 2356.


Yes you will receive an error message that wasnt sent successfully.


U hve to go to google account information to access all your accounts.