How can i discover my user id and password in landbank iaccess?

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How can i discover my user id and password in landbank iaccess?. Do You mister or misses own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz found the solution right after this line:

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Engak bisa di buka turn pokernya.


2. What should I do when I cannot log in?

Make sure you key-in the correct LANDBANK iAccess ID and password. Please note that your LANDBANK iAccess ID and password are case sensitive.

If you input the wrong password three (3) consecutive times, you will no longer be able to log-in. If you still remember your password, you can request to have your account unlocked from either the call center or your servicing branch. You will be asked to answer challenge questions to validate your identity.

3. I have totally forgotten my password. How can I recover my password?

Make sure you key-in the correct LANDBANK iAccess ID and click on the “Forgot your Password?” link and provide the secret answer to your challenge question. If you correctly answered the challenge question, you can successfully log-in to LANDBANK iAccess and you will be directed to change your password.

However, if your secret answer is also incorrect, please proceed to your servicing branch for the resetting of your password.


LandBank of the Philippines iAccess (LBP iAccess) is can be access through this site: . This is an efficient way of doing queries in your account by means of account balance, cash transfers and other related banking services, even your own salary payroll deposit.

What if your account is blocked due to several times of trying to Log On?

Actually, you have entered a wrong namename or Password for three consecutive times (3x). So, the tendency of the system is to lock up your account for obvious safety reasons. The solution is not in the LBP iAccess because the LandBank don’t put an option for retrieving your account online. You must visit your nearest LandBank Branch to reactivate your account within a day (24 hours only). The requirement of the LandBank are the following:

1.) Fully-filled Form of LandBank iAccess (exactly like the enrolment form in the website)

2.) Two valid IDs.

Goodluck to the reactivation of your account! I hope this will be the best solution in your problem. Thanks.


If you have forgotten your LBPIaccess namename and password, you have to go to your servicing branch where you enrolled your account, and request for the unlocking of your LBPI access account.
You can call them at:
(02) 405-7800
Or email them at this address:


How can I recover my landbank I access I`d and password to check my existing ATM account? I forgot my name I`d and password since I haven`t opened the lbp I access for a long I want to check the details of my ATM account to check if some claims were credited to my account or not.


All you haev to do is to contact there contact support they will ask you to provide some documents to follow up and to unblock your access or your log in info it my take 2-3 days before you retrieve your access account.


Here frd, your question is not too clear, no concise so please try to ask in very concise way.


I want to recover my landbank iaccess id and password to check my existing account?


I cannot log out please help me to open.


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