How can i enable otg cable in galaxy y gt-s5360?

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How can i enable otg cable in galaxy y gt-s5360?. Are You sir own that kind of problem?, If do then please read the best feedback right after this line:\r\n

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Samsung galaxy Y is capable of having HSDPA connection via 3G. You may need to set up your 3G settings on your phone. Make sure you have the settings from yout network provider. Contact them to know more of the settings, but normally they will text the settings to automatically set on your phone.

If you don`t want to contact them, what you can do is enable the packet data on your mobile phone. If you have internet data plan this step is painless. Just go to settings > Wireless and Networks and select Mobile Networks, Once here just check the box for enable packet data and it`ll be good to go.

Regular rates may apply if you don`t have unlimited data plan from your network provider.



Try to activate your 3g settings again to get it back. 3g settings can be activated by sending an internet activation code to your service provider or set it manually to your phone.

To set it manually, Just go to Settings > Wireless and networks > Mobile networks > Tap the Menu button (located at the lower left corner), Tap New APN then input all the needed information.

After that, activate the settings then restart your phone.


Hi, click on message icon and then on left hand touch screen button (next to the square button below the screen. Click on settings and this will give you the option to tick for delivery reports. Hopes this helps.

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The back camera can be used. Skype for the Android really isn`t that great, My advice is you should probably look for another video streaming application.


No it doesn`t work. The fact is many have tried to incorporate kernel support for otg cable but the device does not supply enough power through the port.


Hi regarding to your question you can find usb debugging option in
setting- application – development – usb debugging.


It will connect through the use of USB CORD of samsung to PC until the come out of connection of USB Connecton then accept.


How to connect data cable to pc of samung galaxy y s5360? i unable connect the usb cable to pc.