How can I fight a 10 year old fare evasion ticket that I never got? This comes as a SHOCK to me and now i`m facing trial?

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How can I fight a 10 year old fare evasion ticket that I never got? This comes as a SHOCK to me and now i`m facing trial?. Are You sir own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz get the best tips right after this line:

Get a good lawyer from the government.


I would do this go to trial but make sure who it was that had sopossed to have gave you the ticket and then i court they can see it was no you go for it you get off with it beleave me.


Try to send a request to give you up. send an appoligizing mail that you have forgotten.


You want to write a letter asking for your holiday pay and ticket fare which I assume is an expense incurred as part of your work expenses.

You have been working on a two year contract which I am guessing has now come to a close, for your work as an X Ray Technician.

Please see below a sample letter that your can adapt accordingly to ask for these outstanding payments.

Home address


Dear (write the name of the person here)

Re – Vacation salary and travel expenses.

My two year contract has now come to fruition and I respectfull request that outstanding monies now be paid to me as per my contract.

I request payment for my Vacation salary of (how much this is) for (amount of days annual leave that you were allowed per annum).

I also request payment for my travel expenses, for (amount of) this covers travel to and from work for the past (amount of time you are claiming for).

These payments are for work undertaken by me, in my capacity as an X Ray Technician, working in (such a department).

I appreciate hearing from you as soon as possible.

Thanking you in anticipation.

Yours sincerely,

Your name

home number
department number.

If you do not get a response in a reasonable time, then either send them another letter, or phone them and find out when you will receive your pay.

Keep copies of all letters that you send and receive.


I wouldn`t say that anything is “guaranteed” when it comes to law. The fact that it is your first ticket does help however. And because it`s a speeding ticket, a lawyer can usually get rid of those pretty quick.


Yes, it is a safe practice to allow time after the light turns green, and also to look both ways to chech for someone running the red light before proceeding.