How can i format usb stick t does not appear on my drive?

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How can i format usb stick t does not appear on my drive?. Do You Mr or Mrs has that kind of query?, If yes then plz get the solution right after this line:

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You can`t format the hard drive before you recover all data from the drive. How to recover the lost data? You can us data recovery software to perform the data recovery. In order to use the software to perform the data recovery, you should install the software to your computer. You can refer to .


Find out the model number of your tv and check the manufacturer`s site for the compatible file formats that are supported. The most commons ones would be divx/xvid avi, mp4 and mpg. Just make your 16gb flash drive is formatted to fat32 before plugging it into your tv.


Hello there! There is a way to access raw data but it requires certain tools. I recommend looking around the Internet for a CD/Tool called “Hirens”…or an “ERD” CD…these are great and valuable IT tools used on a daily basis.


Companies available in market who offer services of Hard Drive Data Recovery in UK and they are the best to help you. They get guaranteed results and we get our data back.


Hi there, did you tried inserting your pendrive to any other PC, see if you still cant format your pen drive.


You just save the file in different format on Computer using video convertor then use this in your TV.


Help please i have the same question!!!!!!!!???????? been look for a year now!


Led tv has specific formats only which can be pla which yed so make sure that the format is .mp4 , .avi.


I have the same Question what format works?????? please someone help!!!!!