How can i get call history of my dolphine cell?

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How can i get call history of my dolphine cell?. Do You sir and mam has that kind of query?, If yes then plz found the tips right after this line:\r\n

I want to get call history of cell pnone


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All you need to do is check the date and time that it shows with. Usually, the latest is the one on top. There is no way to change the setting because it will still show you the complete call history. Most Nokia phones will show you the call history (the fastest way) when you press the call button (green button on your mobile phone), some have tabs indicating received, missed and dialed. the received tab will have a green arrow pointing down, a missed call tab will have red arrow pointing down, the dialed tab will have a green/blue arrow pointing up.


Probably that is long distance number the reason as the number won`t appear. try asking your wife about it.


For call history, simply go to call registry. And for SMS, kindly open the message tab and go to Sent option.


Usually you`re phone services provider record a history log of you`re phones past activity.


No it wont show your number when you dial *67 it will show private or unknown.


Hide the my number Show the Private number.


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I need to know my calls history.