How can i unlock the phone lg ce 0168?

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How can i unlock the phone lg ce 0168?. Do You mam and sir has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz read the good soution below this line:\r\n

What must do i unlock the phone lg ce 0168


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1. Go to Recent calls 2. Tap All calls 3. Tap Options 4. Tap Reject list You will see a list of numbers that have been rejected to your device. Select the number that you wanted to remove in your rejected call. Once deleted, you can now receive a call to that number. Note: To add a number to a reject call list, the same process is applied. Instead of delete, you will add a number. To Add a number in your block list, follow these steps: 1. Select “Contacts” from the main screen. 2. Choose either “Logs” or “Contacts.” Browse the list of people and select the contact to block. 3. Select “Add to Blacklist.” The selected caller will now be rejected. Look for a word “Reject List” or “Black List”, in your option call menu. Every model uses different name on their call option menu.


CE in your phone stands for french acronym means Conformité Européenne or European Conformity because in Europe, You cannot sell any electronics device without going through the proper process of inspection, They will going to test the quality of the device first and seal it with CE mark when it meets the standards and rules.


The default code is 0000. You could also use *2767*3855#. Before you wipe the data on your phone, you have to remove the sim card. when the reset went wrong, you may contact the store, or the Samsung. To change the code of your phone, you go to Menu. Choose Settings. Choose Phone. Choose Settibgs. Choose Security. then choose to change the code.


You must need to provide a valid gmail account to remove your pattern lock just go to menu and enter your gmail account and thats it it will be unlock.


It`s best to bring it to a service center to be unlocked. It is much safer to bring it there than to self-experiment your phone.


These are very helpful sorry i couldnt find answer.


Ask the service profider for a confirmation.