How can i watch my recorded video on my iphone on my computer?

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How can i watch my recorded video on my iphone on my computer?. Are You mister or misses has this kind of inquiry?, If do then please read the solution below this line:

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Connect your Iphone to your PC then locate the photo directory in my`s there on the PHOTOS, just find the video you like to play.


Hi, guy , if we want to watch video on iphone 4, we must ensure the video format compatible with iphone 4. Generally speaking, we need a third program to convert dvd to iphone 4:

Of course if you are a mac name, you can visit :

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Transfer the files on a flash drive and then insert the flash drive on the laptop and open it using the my computer icon select the name of the flash drive and open the media or files you have save in the flash drive (note if the files did not open you must purchase a codec applicable to read the kind of file that supports your video) hope this helps.


Use a smaller size window to display it on you facebook page. thereis only so many pixels.


Just insert your usb in the computer then open the usb then play the show.


I think there is no way to record the skype video calls using skype programs.


Just hook both of them up to a computer and transfer the file.


I dont think so , i can only watch netflix on my iphone.