How can i write a formal letter to my shopkeeper in my village spring village?

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How can i write a formal letter to my shopkeeper in my village spring village?. Are You mam & sir own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the good tips right after below:\r\n

Answers for this question:

Transportation nowadays is one of the important things in any place. A device used to move things from a certain location to another. In today`s time, the most common forms of transportation include planes, trains, bus, and automobiles. If you want to live in a certain place, this is one of the important item you have to consider.

You want to make a request letter for your village for a bus facility and you can make this sample letter below as your guide.

Date: [application date]

To: [address of the mail recipient]

Dear Sir/Madam [name of the recipient];

A pleasant day!

I am writing to your good office to humbly request for a bus facility here in our village.
As part of our aim to continually improve the living here in our village, having a bus facility will be a great help.

If we will be able to acquire a bus facility for our village, this can do a lot of good things for each of the villagers here. Convenience and Safety are just some of the benefits. This will help everybody`s daily transportation much especially to employed people and our students here in the village. This will also rank up the name of our village for having this kind of important facility.

I am looking for a positive response from you for this matter. If you will allow, I wish to further discuss this proposal with you on [target discussion date].

Thank you.

[applicant`s name]

A place with a good means of transportation makes it a more convenient place to go or live. Through good transportation, places acquires the opportunity to grow and develop. It opens the place to greater opportunities.

You can further improve the above sample letter by improving the benefits it can provide. You can also add an attachment of the initial list of potential bus facility providers. It will be much appreciated if you can highlight the cost comparison of having a bus facility and none.


Requesting for this kind of letter about the permission in able to sell the gasoline in their village.You have to give the advantages and disadvantages of putting up this kind of business.

If there have some requirements that they have needed you have to passed it right a way to avoid some delays in selling the gasoline.

The sample letter that will be shown below is just our own way on how to give you a pattern of permission letter.

Government`s Name
Complete Address
Email Address
Fax Number
Contact Number

To Whom It May Concern,


I am Mr.Leonel delos Santos,32 years of age.I composed this letter just to remind you that I am about to sell the gasoline in our village and I want to start it soon as possible.

The advantages of having the gasoline in the village is to give them comfortable life because the gasoline n our place is very far in the village.

We are planning to put up a business like this starting 27th of March 2014.If there have some changes you just inform us.

If you can give us the chance to sell this kind of product.I believed that our village will be having a good economy and will be one of the center of near village just to get their gasoline for their self.

You can also see the importance of this to all people in our place.I can attached some of the important documents that you will be needed in the processing your business.I can also make sure that I can send my identification and some of the photo copies.

Yours Truly,.



Follow this sample of a Request Letter, just change your subject.

Your Name
Your Address
Your Town, Your State Zip Code/Postal Code
Mr./Ms. J. Smith
XYZ Company
123 Sesame Street
Your Town, Your State Zip Code/Postal Code

Dear Mr./Ms. Smith:

Re: Request for an Interview

My name is [your name here] and I am writing to request an interview to discuss available positions in the [name of department] with your company. [If you were referred to the company by someone you know, be sure to include this information here. “James Ray, who is an employee in your Sales Department, suggested I contact you.”]

I am a graduate of [name of educational institution you attended] and I have [x] years of experience in the field of [name of industry or field of study]. I am currently looking for new employment opportunities and I would like to have the opportunity to discuss how my skills and abilities can be of benefit to your company.

I will contact you by phone next week to set up a convenient time when I can discuss my qualifications. I will bring my resume with me at that time. If you have questions or would like more information, please feel free to contact me by phone at [area code and number here]. I can also be reached by e-mail at [your e-mail address here].

Thank you for taking the time to consider my request, and I will be in touch with you soon.


[Your Signature]

[Type Your Name Here].


Generally the first thing to do is to list for yourself what your reasons for wanting a change and (if this is relevant) how the change will fit in with your resources or work patterns. For example, you say “company village” which suggests to me that your accommodation is work-related. How will a move fit in with your work?

When you write, use short sentences, be neat, about 11-12pt, and have at least one blank line between paragraphs.

This is a business letter, so your address top right and addressee`s address immediately below it but on the left side.

Below that, “Dear…”

Put in a header like “Request for relocation from… to…” (fill in the blanks, no quotation marks).

Address the person you are writing to and introduce yourself : both very briefly.

Set out what you want
Set out your reasons
Set out the benefits

Say you are looking forward to a positive response

Finish with

“Yours sincerely (etc)”.


Dear Mr/Ms/Mrs
Good Day! My name is _____________. I would like to respectfully ask your permission to sell gasoline in our village. I believe that this would benefit our local neighborhood as to convenience and much more aspects. Thank you for you consideration and cooperation!
Sincerely yours,


Name of Recipient

Dear Sir/Maam,

Good day! I got the news that you have conducted a medical mission in ___ last ____. We are also interested to kind of medical activity, I hope that you also visit our area here in ____. Many people here need someone like you. So I am hoping to see you soon here. Thank you and God bless.

Sincerely yours,
your name.


Check this letter:

Dear Sir / Madam:

May I request from your good office an assistance in regards with my school fees. Any discounts will be highly appreciated and will be a big help in our family.

Thanks for considering my request.


Your name.


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