How can play prince of persia forgotten sand with shader model 3.0?

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How can play prince of persia forgotten sand with shader model 3.0?. Are You sir & mam own that kind of query?, If yes then please check the good answer below this line:\r\n

How can play prince of persia forgotten sand with shader model 3.0


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Hi! The game autosaves for you in specific locations. The game saves in two files: “Autosave” and “Autosave Backup”. The Autosave is your last save, and the Backup is your previous save before your current save. This is important, because some players have reported that at some point near the end of the game, the game could glitch and they can`t continue. In case this happen to you, you can delete the file “Autosave” and the game will load the “Autosave Backup” instead, and you can repeat the actions previous to that glitch.

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Hi! Pixel Shader is a program that is used when processing graphics and it will computes color and other graphic attributes of a pixel. You do not need to install it since it it preinstalled on your Graphics Card. You will have to buy a new graphics card if you do not have it.

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You can`t. You will have to change your video card to play these games. Although some games might be able to run with minor issues.



You need to have a graphics card that supports shader model 2.0, and make sure you install the latest drivers for you video card as well…goodluck!!!!


Hi, you need to upgrade your graphics card to the one that supports shader model 2.0 so that you can play that game…goodluck!!!!!


Probably not if it says it needs 3.0 then 9.0 is to new for it.


Try to install the latest drivers for you graphics card…goodluck!!!!


Update your phone or make sure u have enough memory.






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