How do change my face book profile colors to red black and gree?

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How do change my face book profile colors to red black and gree?. Are You mam & sir own this kind of question?, If yes then please get the good soution right after below:

How do i change facebook profile colors to red black and green


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Hello there sir/mam and good day to you!

Yes, your right, basically the color is black but some can change it to different color. But i think it depends on the chat site itself, if the site settings on chat rooms are allowed you to change the color then yes you can change it in any color that you want but if their settings do not allow anyone to change the color then nobody can. It all depends on the site settings on their chat rooms..

Thank you for your question sir/mam and if you have more question to ask then please don`t hesitate to ask it here and i promise you that you will get a quick response from us.


To add a profile picture or change your current profile picture:
Go to your timeline and mouse over your profile picture
Click on the to edit your picture
Choose whether you want to:
Pick a photo you already uploaded to Facebook
Upload a new photo
Edit your thumbnail
Remove your current photo



Go to your profile go to home find the link that has all of your stuff on it like password and things and you will see a link to your name click on it and chance yoour name.


The other options in answering security questions on facebook is by answering your friend`s name according to their photos. If you answered it correctly then your account turns back to normal.


No,if the person blocked you ,you would not be able to find it in the search box ,so that means the person does not have that facebook account anymore.


Yes , that`s mean this photos not coming throw page , it`s coming throw app and some apps could post instead of you in Facebook.