How do I change the language from Chinese to English on a recently purchased Kindle Fire Kids Edition?

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How do I change the language from Chinese to English on a recently purchased Kindle Fire Kids Edition?. Do You sir and mam own that kind of problem?, If do then plz found the good tips below:

Answers for this question:

Look in settings under language and input.


To change the language on your Kindle Fire:

Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap More.
Tap Language & Keyboard.
Tap Device Language, and then tap your preferred language.

The menus and name interface language will change immediately to your new preferred language selection. You can also download a dictionary for your new language selection:

While reading, highlight a word in your preferred language.
In the lower-right corner of the dictionary dialog box, tap the language name.
Select your preferred language. A free dictionary for the language will download.


You can chang it by following the steps below.

Brush down the top of the Home screen to bring up the options.
Tap the icon on the farthest right (More..)
Tap the fourth option down (Language & Keyboard)
Tap the first option (Device Language)
Tap the second option down (English (United States))

Then go back and tap “Keyboards” (the second option down)
Make sure the setting is “Default” or “English”

You can also refer here –

Hope that helps.


To change the language of your Kindle fire HD. Follow this steps.
1. Swipe down the notification bar.
2. Select “More button”.
3. Select “Language and keyboard”
4. And then select “Device Language”
5. Click “English”.
You have now change the language of your Kindle Fire HD.


1. Choose Your Language
When you first start your Kindle
Fire, tap your preferred language,
and then tap Continue.



If you can`t change the language by setting it on the menu then you can hard reset your kindle fire but please be aware that when doing a hard reset all your files will be deleted for security purposes.


I am thinking your best bet would be get on “amazon help community”, ask and they can tell you exactly what to do depending on your particular kindle.


Log into your account at go to manage your devices and scroll down to language. You should be able to change it back there.. Hope this helps.