How do i completely eliminate all of my body odors?

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How do i completely eliminate all of my body odors?. Do You mister or misses has this kind of inquiry?, If do then plz read the best tips right after below:

I`ve been struggling with this issue for a while. It`s bad.


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Just scrub lemon on your body and leave it for 30mins. then take a bath with alum on your bathing water.


Anemia is one of the most common disorders faced by many women and even with men and children. Anemia is a condition where there is a reduced or low concentration of hemoglobin or decreased number of red blood cells. Do you what does this hemoglobin does in our body? It functions as a transporter of oxygen to to every cell in different parts of our body.Lets see the details regarding this issue. What are the causes of this anemia and what are the types? Just go through this to have a brief idea.
See here more detailed info and natural remedies for anemia



This is called Newton`s Second Law of Motion. Acceleration of the body directly proportional to, in the same direction as what we call the net force acting on the body itself. Which is inversely proportional to it`s mass.

F = ma

F – the net force which acts on the object
m – the object`s mass
a – object`s acceleration.


Did you buy it new or used? register it at Samsung`s site and then open up a warranty request. if it`s still in warranty period, they`ll fix for free or give you an estimate on repair cost.



Yeah try and go back to the shop u bought from they keep records for their buyers they will give you all the datails u will need then report the mater to n sumsung shop they maybe able to help u.



For this you would have to contact your local Nokia dealer.Please do not change it by yourself as the warrant will become void.I hope this helps



You can research natural ways of hair removal. Still; the chances of you having what is required at home may be slim. wishing you luck!


Blackberry shops is the one that can help you replace the body color of your phone. They have the knowledge how to change its body and how the way it change.


Rub the body completely down to metal. paint with red oxide to stop the rust.cut and weld where possible.


You would have to probably go see a doctor about that if you haven`t already.