How do i create Jobdesk ID and Extension ID for me to start working with jobjungle?

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How do i create Jobdesk ID and Extension ID for me to start working with jobjungle?. Are You Mr or Mrs has that kind of question?, If yes then please check the best solution right after below:\r\n

I need to send an application to jobjungle and they need my Jobdesk ID and Extension ID, please help


Answers for this question:

Unfortunately there is no clear guide on how to create a jobdesk account. Most jobdesk id is a requirement for an online job site which also have a negative feedback in the web. If you are looking for online jobs in the web you may want to try PTC (pay-to click) or Pay to do tasks.


Please do not bother to do so because like jobjungle is most likely the same a scam site. please focus on more productive sites other than this.


Please refrain from this site like this site is more of a scam making money out of your registration they will not contact you after.


How I can create my Job desk ID for job online/offline? I am interested for job online/offline work. So that I wanted to create my Jobdesk ID.


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Can you show me how to create jobdesk id?


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