How do I display a ppt presentation on a tv through a usb?

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How do I display a ppt presentation on a tv through a usb?. Do You guys has that kind of query?, If do then plz check the answer right after this line:

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Name of President
Company Address

Dear Sir/Madam,

Sales Training team will be conducting a 1 day product update seminar for all Sales staff on May 1, 2013. We`re introducing our new product line on shoes apparel to be launched very soon. We would need a function room to cater almost 50 of our personnel inclusive of lunch and breaks. We`ll appreciate any assistance you may render to our team.

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Name of Training Head


Yes i understand,i also think memo is the most common form to comunicataion in the workplace.This is the easy to to share your idea to others people.I understand your topic,so you need to organize your demand to write. The heading of the memo always includes the date, the name of the sender.Try to make the subject heading specefic.for all things you have to understand the basic memo format.
Try to simplify your all information,you can use bullet point for more pointly understood to the reader.

Bee Standke

Change it to MP4. You can use a converter to have it be converted. If your Samsung TV says it does not support WMA then it means that you cannot get it played. Also WMA is audio not video maybe that is why the file is not playing on the TV. For Video try AVI, MP4, MKV format. For audio Mp3, Acc format should at least work.


Of course, you should have the appropriate place to conduct the presentation. And to promote your company`s new product, you should prepare perfect presentation. These templates will help you for sure: . Good luck!


If your tv and laptop/computer have hdmi ports, you can run the presentation off the computer while connected to the TV. you can also try to film the powerpoint presentation and save it as a movie file your TV can play back.


Go to insert and select object, then select file.. find the film and select it. an icon will appear on the slide, right click the icon and select play options then select with start of slide. the film will start when then slide is opened.


Hello, the chepest solution is to use a Digital Photo Frame. Some can Play PowerPoint presentations directly, or you Need to convert them to a Video or Picture slideshow.


Check your recievers caple one of them is maybe damaged.


You are permitted to do so anytime.