How do i fixn my dialer on samsung GT-P7500?

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How do i fixn my dialer on samsung GT-P7500?. Are You sir and mam own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz check the good tips below:\r\n

My Samsung Tab has no dialer , kindly i need help..


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Yes, you do need them… you might damage your phone system.. if you erase any of the system programs..
if you need more space.. try moving your programs, esp. games to your SD Card. simple way to do so, is open settings, then Application, then Manage Application. Click on a program, you should find “Move to SD card” button.
if you phone is not rooted, then you may download a program Move2SD and use it.


To find samsung galaxy tab authenticity, you can do these simple actions.

1. Check the rightside of the box if the sticker with imei is intact.
2. You can also check it on the back side of your tab.
3. You can test the LCD of the gadget by typing this *#0*#.


Phone function for the P7500 is only available on models with 3G/4G and they require rooting, then a phone and modem update flashed onto them from xda`s website.


It may be cause by the battery completely drained. Try to charge your device for a 20 minutes and try to turn it on again.

If it won`t still turn on, bring the device to a service center for a checkup.


I was using olive gold pc dialer and i have balence in that dialer but unfortunatly i get delete and now i did not found on wnternet and i am trying.


To make dialer the default, just check the box “Use by default for this action.” before pressing Dialer.


Where do i find the dial pad for a samsung galaxy tab p7500 10.1?