How do i forward calls on my safelink cell phone model # t105g?

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How do i forward calls on my safelink cell phone model # t105g?. Do You misses or mister has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then plz found the best answer below this line:\r\n

I want to know if its possible.


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Following are some Yahoo videos about your Samsung t105g call forwarding. The video you will need to look at is the first one. It walks you through setting up call forwarding on your phone step by step:



You may dial 800 to contact the tech support centre. Choose the menu button on your phone. it will display prepaid. Choose Select. The select the choice that tells add or redeem. Choose Ok. When there is an error message, you navigate down and choose Ok. You can view a menu choice that tells Airtime pin or Card #. Input 555. And choose Ok.


Check with your cell phone provider but I think calls actually need to be forward from that device, not remotely.


Someone has forwarded calls from my landline. How do I find out which number it is being forwarded to?


You have to take it back to the company so they can unlock it from there system.


Yeah it had to be an app other than that im not sure.


You call your carrier and they can help you.