How do i hook up a sony sted350z to a sanyo flat screen tv?

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How do i hook up a sony sted350z to a sanyo flat screen tv?. Do You mam own that kind of question?, If do then plz read the good soution below this line:\r\n

I understand that you are asking on how to hook up your Sanyo Flat TV to Dish. In order for you to do that, I have provided steps you could follow.

* First, we need to get the codes that should work for your TV. Codes are provided for you, just try which code will accept it. If you still have the Manual from the TV, you should be able to get the codes from there. If not, then here are the codes.

Sanyo TV Codes
683, 590, 589, 111, 591, 692, 652, 090, or 542.

* Next, from you TV remote, Press and Hold the “Clear” button for three seconds then the LED will flash. From there, you can enter the three-digit-code above using the buttons on the remote.

* If the LED flashes three times then it accepts the code. Turn the tv off. Then now try turning on and off the TV. if that didn`t work, then go back to the step where you will put another code until you can turn on and off the tv with the dish remote.


How to Connect Wireless Earphones to a Philips Flat Screen TV

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