How do I hook up Optimum cable with roku? I tried following Roku with ethernet connected to roku and cable box, nothing happened?

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How do I hook up Optimum cable with roku? I tried following Roku with ethernet connected to roku and cable box, nothing happened?. Do You sir has this kind of inquiry?, If yes then please get the best solution below this line:\r\n

How do I hook up roku with optimum cable. tried ethernet and roku to cable box and nothing happens


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Yes if your ethernet port is active you can basically use the ROKU device in order for you to connect to the internet. You might also need to call comcast so they can reset the modem box on their end. That will allow the mac address of the old device connected to the box to be remove so that the mac address of the roku will be registered. From there you should be able to use your roku.

Here is the number for comcast support: (1-800-934-6489)


The converter recommended in the previous answer will not get you high def picture. However, an old HDTV must have a Component connectors (Blue, Red and Green) which are by quality near the HDMI connection. My old TV has those component connectors and it is not even a HDTV, it is just an SD TV set. In this case you may buy HDMI to Component converter and you`ll have high quality picture on your old HDTV.


Hello. Is your old HDTV supports RCA type only? If it does then there is no
problem at all when you connect it to a Roku player that supports HDMI only.
All you have to do is by an HDMI to RCA converter from any stores such as
Best Buy and Walmart. Please click the link for you to check this converter :



If I was you I would keep your come Comcast. don`t get me wrong roku is really cool but there are some thing that you have to pay to watch and there is some things that are free, like youtube and some other things but it still sreams and will eat up your band.


You`ll need to hook up the twc cable line to a cable modem, and then run the ethernet/lan from cable modem to roku 2.


Roku is connected to your internet through your router,and then directly to your tv.Not to your cable.


Try using the additional rca outputs on your dvd player to go to your radio.


I have no idea at all.