How do i place an animated smilye on fb comment?

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How do i place an animated smilye on fb comment?. Do You Mr or Mrs own this kind of problem?, If do then please check the answer right after this line:\r\n

It is hard to put emotions on written messages that is why Smileys were invented to provide “emotional” support to your messages.

Fortunately, Facebook activated the use of emoticons in the comment section last October 2012. Then last spring 2013, Facebook started using Emoji in status updates and chat messages.

In the comment, chat and sometimes status updates, you can manually write the emoticons if you know how it works.

This is a list of emoticons or smileys that you can use to send your emotions to the receiver.

Smiley: :)
Name: Smile
Shortcut: Colon, Close Parenthesis

Smiley: :]
Name: Smile
Shortcut: Colon, Close Bracket

Smiley: :(
Name: Frown
Shortcut: Colon, Open Parenthesis

Smiley: :[
Name: Frown
Shortcut: Colon, Open Bracket

Smiley: ?
Name: Gasp
Shortcut: Colon, Letter o

Smiley: ?
Name: Grin
Shortcut: Colon, Capital Letter D

Smiley: ?
Name: Tongue
Shortcut: Colon, Capital Letter P

Smiley: ?
Name: Wink
Shortcut: Semi-Colon, Close Parenthesis

Smiley: :3
Name: Curly Lips
Shortcut: Colon, Number 3

Smiley: :*
Name: Kiss
Shortcut: Colon, Apostrophe

Smiley: 8|
Name: Sunglasses
Shortcut: Number 8, Vertical Bar

Smiley: O:)
Name: Angel
Shortcut: Capital Letter O, Colon, Close Parenthesis

You can view this screencast to view the smileys.

Now last 2013, Facebook started supporting Emoji in the status section. You`ll be able to show what mood you are in. You can follow these steps to put Emoji in your status update.

1. Go to your status Updater. Below the box, you will see different icons in which you can put in the details of your status. Choose the Smiley icon.

2. A drop down box will appear. To add a mood, click on the smiley icon labeled “Feeling”.

3. Options will be shown to you. Choose the right mood you are currently in.

4. Once you have chosen, the Emoji will be added to your status. Now, you can write in your status!

For visual directions, follow these steps.

4. .


All you need to do is follow steps below:

1. Make sure you are connected to internet.

2. Then, open your facebook account.

3. Look for your girlfriend`s account.

4. When you see her photos that you want to like or comment.

5. On the bottom of the picture, you will see a comment box there. You can start put your comment now.

6. You can also like it by clicking the thumbs up logo.

Start do it carefully.