How do i reinstall my stylus audio visualetab 0208a?

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How do i reinstall my stylus audio visualetab 0208a?. Are You guys has this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then plz get the good feedback right after this line:\r\n

Indroid etab wen it turns on it jus say stylus audio visual


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There are 2 possibilities 1 that you your headphones are damaged, get the new ones or if there s a prob with the laptop audio driver.. simply uninstall the current driver from device manager and go to your manufacturers drivers support page. select your particular laptop and select the required audio driver. down load it and then re install it. restart the computer. There is a great possiblity that your problem will be solved.


If you cant remember you the right gmail account you used on your tablet, try the most familiar or the one that you use very often. Use the gmail account that you synced with your tablet. I bet you can remember that one. If not, There`s a small hole on the side where the power connector and USB are. That`s the RESET button. Use a paper clip or similar to press that.


Yes, all the answers might be correct. but check the headphones first. you can test with another working headphones in the same audio output port. The second important thing if you about your pc or laptop hardware. there are different types of audio hardware, So you need to find a driver for that specific audio hardware.


This is how to sort a etab0208A.


You cannot reinstall your system all you have to do is to do the soft reset method go to your settings then security and hit reset factory default

then your default settings will be applied.


I recently had this same issue. I had to go into add or remove programs and uninstall the old router and then re-install everything. Good Luck!


Delete the existing driver. download the new driver from internet and then install it.