How do I remove games request from my I pad. They`re my grandson`s friends requests?

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How do I remove games request from my I pad. They`re my grandson`s friends requests?. Do You sir & mam own that kind of concern?, If do then please get the good answer below:\r\n

Just got a request from my grandson`s freind who thinks he`s talking to my grandson.


Answers for this question:

Go into games and delete the app.


To delete game requests, try going to the left hand side bar on your news feed and press “Apps and Games”. That page should show your game requests. Put your mouse over the request and click the X, and after, if you so choose to, you can block the game so you don`t get any more requests.
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Internet connectivity must be one reason. try to add him. get the id of your friend. check your spelling. put it on search box and add your friend.hope you add your friend. if this doesnt work try to reinstall your skype.


If that is the case, then there must be some glitch on the loose. What you can do, is delete the friend requests, and then try one more time. I am pretty sure they will get through to your friends this time around!


If you send Messages,Friend request to unknown people.. if they ignore your messages or report it to the site admin.. you ill get Blocked for 30days!!! some times more than it.


Make sure you are not blocked from the said website. if that happens, you need to wait for 30 days before you can send a request to your friends.

U made forcly friend request to him so company provider blocked u . wait and follow the rule of fb owner u will automatically remove blocking.


Try it by connecting to facebook and sent them through there.


No.. it is only possible whn u hve her passwrd.