How do I restore how do I restore deleted recent places back to my garmin2689?

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How do I restore how do I restore deleted recent places back to my garmin2689?. Do You sir and mam has this kind of problem?, If yes then please check the best answer right after below:\r\n

Accidentally deleted all of my recent places from my Garman GPS. I need to restore them and get them back on my GPS. How do I do this.


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I`m sorry to say. You can`t recover your contacts again.

Next time before resetting your Phone make sure that you do Back up first.


You have to either connect to a computer to put a new file on or if there is an option to either restore or create then choose.


Hi. With no backup saved from your phone, I`m afraid that it is almost impossible to retrieve those files.


I think you have to restart the phone.