How do i solve the WI-FI problem my Samsung smart TV PS51E550?

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How do i solve the WI-FI problem my Samsung smart TV PS51E550?. Do You Mrs or Mr has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the solution right after below:\r\n

My Samsung smart TV its not connecting to the WI-FI


Answers for this question:

Samsung Note 2 to is MHL enabled so you can connect it using you Samsung MHL adapter.

Samsung MHL adapter 2.0 will allow you to connect your phone to your HDTV.
To connect your phone to your Samsung TV:

1. You need to Buy Samsung MHL Adapter.
2. Connect the Micro USB to your Phone.
3. Connect the TV`s HDMI cable the MHL port.
4. Connect the Phone`s charger to the charging port on the MHL adapter and plug it to an electric source.
5. Set your TV`s input source to HDMI.
6. You should now see your Phone`s display to your TV.


A lot of people is having that problem in their Samsung Smart TV.
Have you tried to update Firmware? If not update it and try to connect again.
If still nothing send complaints here GoodLuck!


Try to have a USB connector or adaptor to connect to your t.v

There`s a Adaptor called MHL adpater that used to connect to your T.V and used a micro USB port to your phone and then SET you T.V in HDMI output and there you go now you can see the output of your phoneto your t.v.


You cant connect you Laptop to mirror on the TV via bluetooth. You need is VGA cable.
Connect VGA cable to the laptop and the other end to the TV.
Set source input of the TV to VGA and on your laptop Press Window + P.


Apne mobile ko samsung center se update kara do ye problem face nahi hogi sure.


As far as i know you cant install adobe on samsung smart tv`s.


I have problem exceeded allowed my number how do solve help me.


Call the providers and check if it works in a wifi zone.


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