How Do I Track My Kid With Their IPhone?

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Most every parent wonders where in the world their kids are when they are not at home. Thanks to modern technology, you can ask; “How do I track my kid with their cell phone?” and get a decent answer. Read on to find out how to do just that in this informative article.

Childpulse iPhone App is a new application that can be installed on an iPhone. It was released on July 22, 2010. It is set to specific locations by the parent. It does not rely on the child sending in a text message. It does not rely on the child doing anything but having the iPhone on their person. This tracking program shows maps and movement inside an area set by the parent. The other name for Childpulse is “Wherescope”. If you see either name, it is the same developer and the same product behind the child tracking software.

This iPhone tracking software is very sensitive to when it turns on and off. It uses GPS satellite tracking on the iPhone, but only at special predetermined times. This saves battery strength. Once the application does turn on, it is on just for a few moments. During this time Childpulse does its job reporting on the whereabouts of your kid. It only works with one kid for now. In the future different versions will be produced to track more than one child.

For those getting this child tracking software, the program is installed by you the parent. It is set up by selecting locations that the child visits frequently. Choose the school, a friend´s house, church, band practice, Grandma´s house or wherever on the map. The parent will then be notified when the child arrives and leaves these locations.

There is even a feature that tells you when the program is turned off. It may “inadvertently” get turned off by your child. If this is accidentally tuned off, no problem. You can talk to your child later about how to avoid this from happening again, since it is in their benefit to keep it on.

AT&T and other companies have similar child tracking software available. Their software is much more public and therefore less secure. It is also more easily tinkered with by children. You already know how good they can be with computers. You will want to try the Childpulse tracking software soon while it is still being given away for free. The price will be added later after the demand goes up.

The Whereoscope iPhone software is clearly concerned with what they call “extremely personal location data”. They take your family´s personal information very seriously and keep it in a secure data center. This keeps it away from intruders.

One of the better points about the Childpulse/Whereoscope tracking software is that it tells you when the kids are about to get home. This has obvious implications if you are doing something private that you do not want your kids finding out about, like a birthday party. You can probably think of other uses for this feature. Look this iPhone software up on the Apple iTunes site soon before a price is added.

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