How do i transfer my cell phone list , on my lg Remarq, to my iMac or dell laptop?

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How do i transfer my cell phone list , on my lg Remarq, to my iMac or dell laptop?. Do You sir and mam has that kind of inquiry?, If do then please found the best tips right after this line:\r\n

Did this twice already, is aomeone going to help me or not?


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Connect one end of a compatible USB cable to an open USB port on your computer.Plug the other end of the USB cable into your Accessories/Power Cable Jack located on the side of the phone. (Wait for the connection to be completed. When connected, your computer will automatically detect your phone.) Your phone`s screen will display two options:
Connect to PC provides access to the contents of the internal microSD card as if it were any other external storage device.Charge battery provides power to the phone via a connected USB cable.From the phone screen, touch Connect to PC.From your Desktop, double-click My Computer >[device drive letter] entry to display the folders and files currently available on the internal microSD card.Open a folder on your computer and begin the transfer process of files for your mobile device`s microSD card to the computer.
Note: This process can be reversed from copying data from the computer back to the microSD card .


Hi there,

since there`s a usb cable supplied with the phone, there has to be a software cd for file transfer that came with the pack.. install the software and it should work. in case you don`t have the cd, you have to find the model number and browse LG`s website to download the drivers and softwares. open the back cover and take out the battery, the phone model number should be written there,

you can also use bluetooth if your laptop also have bluetooth capability ..

goodluck :)


Hello friend! For you to be able to open word files and view them on your galaxy s2 phone, you can download Office readers from Google Play. Good examples are Kingsoft Office Reader and OfficeSuite Viewer 7. Both of them are free to download. Hope it helps. Thanks!


Does your cell and laptop support bluetooth. if so go to photo in your phone and choose send via bluetooth. on your pc go to your bluetooth settings and choose “receive file” then enter the same code in both to be able to “pair” . then it should work.


You can try to check your imac driver for a usb connections, it may be missing its usb driver in particular. Download a driver for the usb on your imac then try again to transfer your files.


Just see if you use a flash to copy the name in the flash , if possible then you copy after that the names from the flash to yur labtop.


We have in the phone something called files transfer,so you have just to turn bluetooth on,and all the files will be transferred.


With a USB connector or Bluetooth.