How do i turn off the auto answer on my alcatel one tough phone?

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How do i turn off the auto answer on my alcatel one tough phone?. Are You Mrs or Mr has this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz found the best answer below:\r\n

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Auto answer is a call feature that automatically answer incoming phone calls. This feature is very important in cases that you can`t use any of your hands to answer a call. To turn off auto answer on your Samsung Exhibit, Please do the following.

1. Go to your Home Screen.
2. Press Menu, then select Settings.
3. choose Call settings.
4. Select Auto answer.
5. Uncheck Auto answer.

That`s it. Your Samsung Exhibit won`t answer your incoming calls automatically anymore.

If in case you want to turn on your auto answer again, just do 1-4 steps above, then put a check on auto answer.


On your mobile go to Message. Click on Compose Message.Click on the compose box so the keboard will show up. Click on the gear icon. Click on Smart Inout. Uncheck Predict Next Word. Uncheck Correct Mistyping.Uncheck Spell Check.Uncheck Context Prediction. In this way there will be no predictions and auto-corrections when you are typing. If you still have the same issue. Turn off your device then turn it back on after a few minutes so it will be refreshed and the new settings will take effect.


You need to perform a hard reset.

**Hard reset instructions**

1) Power the device
2) When off remove the battery and put it back
3) Press volume up button and wait for the boot screen
4) Press and hold volume up and down then wait for the reset screen
5) Use the volume keys to scroll down and select factory reset

The phone will will reboot for a little and wait until its on the adding of the google account.


To turn off auto answer on your Samsung Galaxy, you need to follow these steps:

From your phone`s Home screen, tap the App tray.
Then tap S Voice.
Next is to tap the Menu key.
And then Choose Settings.
Under CMD for apps, slide the bar to OFF.

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You can do this by setting up your phone standby in a desired time. Go to your phone setting > display > sleep and choose how long you want your phone to stand by before it will screen off.


Go to your setting, and click on phone settings to turn off auto answer on calls. Hope this helps.


Go into settings and turn on the auto answer feature.




1. launch phone app.