How do I unsync my contacts from facebook on my samsung galaxy s?

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How do I unsync my contacts from facebook on my samsung galaxy s?. Do You mister or misses own this kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please get the best feedback right after this line:

I have a samsung galaxy rush android and all my numbers don t show up for my contacts how can i fix it


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You can try two things. First is from your Facebook account. Go to the “Settings” then select the “Account Settings” option. After that, select the “Security” option. You can see that option on the upper left corner of your screen, just below the “General” option. From the “Security” window, you will see the “Recognized Devices” tab. Press “Edit”. You then select the device that you want to remove. It will also automatically unsync the device from your Facebook account unless you use that device to log in again.

Second is from your mobile device. Tap the menu — > go to Settings –> Select the “Accounts and sync” –> Tap your Facebook account then tap remove account.


You may Open facebook app. Go to settings, then down to Other Settings.
Select Don`t sync, and press Done.
Turn sync off for facebook….
option >>setting >>accounts >>facebook >>>click on top option.

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You will have to remove the Facebook application, and install it again. When you download the Facebook application again, make sure you choose— DO NOT SYNC FACEBOOK CONTACTS!


Only way to unsync facebook contacts from samsung galaxy is to log out from the account on your phone.


You should be able to do it auto matically when logging into your facebook app.


Uninstall Facebook Application on your phone then Install it again.


Go to Settings. Accounts & Sync. Turn Sync of for facebook.