How do u get windows update for windows 10 i can not get app store and other programs?

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How do u get windows update for windows 10 i can not get app store and other programs?. Do You mam & sir own this kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz read the solution right after below:\r\n

The Windows update done by your PC upgrades all its components to the recent version. Your PC is having a hard time starting up because the update is being configured in your computer system. If this start-up problem persist, then it is not normal for your PC to boot 15-20 minutes on the starting windows logo. There are three troubleshooting tips that I would like to suggest. These are configuring the start-up settings of your PC, system restore and installing a PC-tune up utility.

– The MSCONFIG is a very powerful tool in windows 7 that allows names to manually manage all the program processes in the computer making the computer to run more smoothly and faster.
1. Go to the search box from the start button and key-in “MSCONFIG” and press enter.
2. Then click on the “Start-up” tab.
3. From there, browse all the programs that are not necessary from your computer and disable them by unchecking the box.
4. Then go to the “Services” tab and do the same, disable all the programs that are not necessary from your PC.
5. Save, exit and reboot PC.

– The system restore is also one of the powerful tools included in the windows 7 operating system. The system restore reset your computer back to an specific date where it was previously working.
1. Reboot PC and continue pressing the F8 key before the windows logo appears.
2. You will then redirected to the boot menu options.
3. Select the “Safe Mode” by using the arrow keys from your keyboard and pressing the enter key to select.
4. From the safe mode, a system restore window will pop-up.
5. Follow the instructions and select the date before the windows update took place and click “Next”.
6. Wait for your computer to restore itself and reboot.
7. After restart, a window will pop-up indicating that the system restore has been successful, if not repeat the process and select a different date.

– PC tune-up tools are programs that modifies and enhances the performance of the PC by repairing all the system errors. Here`s a good tune-up utility that I would like to recommend:

1. Install the tool into your PC and open it afterwards.
2. Then click on the “scan” button to scan and fix all the errors found from your PC.
3. Then go to “turbo boost” and switch it on. This will disable all the unnecessary programs that are running on your PC increasing it`s performance.

The above steps usually fixes the start-up problems of most PC`s. If the problem still persists, kindly don`t hesitate to ask new queries and the group of community experts will help you resolve the issue.