How do you dm someone on your computer?

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How do you dm someone on your computer?. Do You mam & sir own that kind of concern?, If do then please get the best answer below this line:

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It is because you don`t have the samsung kies installed. So what will happen is it`ll only charge your phone because it doesn`t recognize your phone as compatible device yet.
First download samsung kies which you can find here.

guide is pretty much there. When you have that installed, you can now plug again your phone and you will be able to view now the contents of your phone. Either transfer files or install apps. Goodluck.



In order to disable it:

First, hit NumLock and check. If no success:
Hold the Fn key and F4.
Alternatively, press Fn and the key with padlock and 9.

This could be set up in BIOS settings.

If it does not boot at all, that indicated a memory issue (but it seems the machine boots).

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On your computer make sure that receiving of files through bluetooth is enabled. Go to your devices and printers window so should see your bluetooth device and verify the setting if it is allowed to send files to your PC if not just enable it. Another thing to check it the security of your PC. Make sure on your firewall that you allowed your device.



Create a Kaspersky rescue CD. This is a bootable CD that will scan and repair malware on infected system. Disk will even update malware database if a wired Internet connection is available to the infected system. Get the disk at URL . It is best to create the rescue disk on an uninfected computer.


These kind of phones need drivers in order to run and open it in a computer you just need to download the driver for it or a pc software for samsung here try this page



Can it be connected by bluetooth? You can turn the bluetooth on your TV and your computer, then search your TV on your computer. then you can connect them. If needed, you can download a bluetooth driver here ; )


Have you tried restarting your phone first? If still not fixed, try removing the battery for a couple of minutes and then turn on your device. Most problems are resolve by restarting the device. Kindly update us on this.



It can occur if your computer is infected with virus…download an antivirus and perform a thoruough scan.

upgrading your ram and processor can improve the performance when you run heavy applications on your computer.


Check out this guy