How do you fix iphone 4 when has a blue carpet down middle?

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How do you fix iphone 4 when has a blue carpet down middle?. Are You misses or mister own this kind of question?, If yes then please get the good tips below:\r\n

My sisters iphone has a blue carpet down the middle (well thats what it looks like) and i cant find out how to fix it / cannot use PLS TELL ME


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Cut ur phone competely off take ur battery out keep it out for 10second if that dont work than u have to take it in to get fix it might just be ur phone.


This might be cause you went on a web site and then exit and pressed and pressed to exit and that might cause it. Or it`s brocken or it fell.


You dont sorry its a good idea to take it to a shop or buy a new phone hopefully you have an upgrade so you can get another phone soon!


Sometimes if you take if to the carrier like say sprint they will fix it for like 60$. same thing happened with my phone.


I would take it in for service cause the light on the screen might not be working properly.