How do you turn off all the sounds that the Safelink phone makes, other than when it rings?

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How do you turn off all the sounds that the Safelink phone makes, other than when it rings?. Are You mate own this kind of problem?, If yes then please read the best solution right after this line:

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Hello there!

For your problem, you might have to restart or reset your iphone. Try to press and hold the wake or sleep button on the top of your device in about 10 to 15 seconds until you see the apple logo. If it doesn`t turn on or reset your iphone you may have to go to apple store and consult the legit technician of the store. There are some ways to repair your iphone but it needs enough experience and tools in repairing your device. name may damage their device if they will insist to repair it with not enough experience and tools.

You may visit there website by going to the link below.

I hope this will help. Good luck and God bless.


I think you can try to change the sound effects of your device. This might also change or turn off the sounds in your games.

First, you need to open a track in media player and hit the menu button. You can see at the bottom right is a “more” option. Click it and you”ll get another setting option. Go in there and make sure that that equaliser and effect settings are on “normal”.

If this will not help or in any cases this will not work,
i would suggest that you visit the market place of your device. They might help you regarding your problem.


Actually its a problem of power filteration .In smps section one capacitor gets varied so its clicking. Finding of thats capacitor is a hard job bz its not dead , it varied.


You most likely have a shortage on the power switch, it should be a easy fix and not to costly so i have hear d.


Since it related to the hardware, if i were you, i would prefer to go to phone service center.


It means that the other person is not picking the phone or their phone is bussy.


The caller has send a message after failing to get an answer when the phone ran.


It is more than likely just the fax, mine does the same thing.


Take it to get it fixed at your local repair shop.