How does someone you have no contact with pop up on your tango page?

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How does someone you have no contact with pop up on your tango page?. Do You mister or misses has this kind of question?, If do then please get the answer right after this line:\r\n

How does someone you have no contact with birthday pop up on my tango


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You can delete tango account by going to the account setting on your profile. But first you need to login there. Once you are in your account profile you will find deactivate account. Click on it, then click yes deactivate my account. Then ok then everything will be deactivated and deleted. Unless you log it again.

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Hiiiiiii…..To add contact on tango video call application in tango there is a tab named contacts at the bottom of the screen and in this there is a tab named tango or favorites in tango tab you will get the contacts saved in your phone which are on tango or you could invite friends on tango under invites tab…..Byeeeeee…..!!!!!!!

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To remove your Tango friends you need to remove their information from your phone`s address book.

1. Open Contacts.
2. Find the friend you want to delete.
3. Tap it.
4. Tap Edit.
5. Scroll down and select delete contact.
6. Now relaunch Tango.


Simply delete your contact using your s4 phone then go to your contact on tango

select the contacts you want to delete then press and hold the screen then select “delete` or delete all.


To delete a friend from your tango`s contact into your iphone, you need to remove your friend`s Tango phone number and email address from your device`s address book and re-launch Tango afterwards.


Tango names will still be be able to see you. Submit a ticket for them to delete your account @ .


Your friend needs to register to Tango so he or she will be included on Tango`s names and will appear on your friend list.