How Easy Do You Fix Your broken iPhone’s Home Button

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fix iphone home button error

How to Fix  broken iPhone’s Home Button –, Nowadays when phones have only one button, it is of course a bit troublesome when that single iphone home button decided to stop working. On the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, this is a fairly common iphone error – so common that a number of users have got the idea to sue Apple for this.

But there are a number of tricks to actually fix the iPhone Home button Error without the need to cost the earth, or that you need to sell your mobile:

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Here are some Tricks to Fix iPhone Home Button Error

fix iphone home button error

1. Calibrate the Home button

This may seem a little like magic, but the fact is that smartphones are full of these kinds of hidden features. How it works hemknappskalibrering:

  • Open Apple’s weather app
  • Push the mute button until the red “close” slider arrive
  • Press the Home button until you return to the home screen. This may take a little while (phone calibrates Now button)
  • Clear! If it did not work, you have unfortunately a hardware problem – try the next method

2. Align the plug / button

After a number of fall-the-floor-with-cord-of-incidents, the component of the phone as both the charging plug and the Home button sits on, end up being a tiny bit crooked. Follow these steps to direct it back:

Plug the charging cord into the phone and put your phone with screen up on a table
Press / band cord gently down toward the table. In this way,it will be pushed up slightly which will reduce the glitches that may have caused the problem

3. Restore iphone

The oldest trick in the book (restarting your iphone) has a slightly more powerful and more dangerous cousin – reset the phone. It is absolutely critical when doing this is to remember to do a backup first, either to iCloud or iTunes. Then go into Settings -> General -> Reset and select “Erase All Content and Settings”. The installation is then a piece of cake, details are available from Apple.

4. Clean button

Pocket Lint or BigMac mess – whatever it is, it may have crawled into the dirt of the button. Take a disinfectant wipe and dry around the button as you press the button repeatedly. Then wipe off the alcohol and wait a minute.

5. Button pretend

This is not a way to cook button, but a way to do without. If all else failed, they can obtain a simulated home button on the screen. Go into Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> AssistiveTouch.

6. Replace button

If an imaginary button on the screen does not feel quite right in length that remains is to actually cook button. Either you do it yourself or submit it.

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