How fast the 6 mb internet speed help the ecurity camera?

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How fast the 6 mb internet speed help the ecurity camera?. Do You Mr or Mrs has that kind of uncertainty?, If yes then please get the good soution below this line:\r\n

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I think it`s more about the camera than the Internet in that case?


Yes, Its plenty fast. With my 1.5 Mbps DSL connection two of us can browse the net at the same time with no lag. A 45min HD movie on Youtube takes about 30 minutes to buffer all the way. You can download a 2-5 gig file on bittorent at night when you sleep. Magicjack will work but does have a lag. Google talk works flawlessly at this speed. Skype will drop the video from time to time. The most important thing to realize is you can`t download and browse the internet at the same time with these speeds but you can have high speed for whatever you choose at that moment. 1.5 Mbps is also way cheaper. $29 a month vs $42 for the 3 Mbps.


I have a rca pro 10 edition tablet. It connects to the internet and has 4 bars but takes forever to load any browser pages and will not open any app says internet times out. I have check date and time I have only had this tablet two days and its been like this the whole time I have had it. Is there any fix to this I can`t even get on Google play store will not load.


Your router says it can handle up to 54mbps all connections passing in your router its maximum output is 54 so if you have 100mbps your router can only distribute 54mbps, your internet speed will still depend on your internet plan if you are having 2mbps plan even if your router says 54 it cant give you 54mbps because your source is only 2mbps.


Your download speed is determined by your internet subscription plan to your internet service provider. Another thing is that, the distance of the server you are downloading the file to your location. Last thing, you mentioned you are using IDM and the download speed using this program depends on how many seeders you have for the file.


Not really, even the cellular networks are faster than that these days. 2mbps will be hardpressed to keep up with the media rich environments we access now. I would say its only good enough to check email (text only) and respond to emails, but even then, you will have to have patience. Hope that helps.


It is really fast and its advantage is you can really download big files on the internet in no time. For the fastest internet speed, it really depends on the provision of the internet service you are using. Hope this helps! Thanks!


Yes its already enough especially if you`re just more on browsing you will be getting a fast connection but still even if you are watching videos or live streaming that speed is still okay.


Hi Friend,

Increase and change your plan to get best result for fster connection.

You may visit your service provider with new plans.



You better contact the server, actually there are some cases that the internet is slow due to have many person can access the internet.


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