How i have to write a letter to my pricipal to ask permission to start chapel in our college?

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How i have to write a letter to my pricipal to ask permission to start chapel in our college?. Are You mate own this kind of problem?, If do then please found the good tips below:\r\n

We r from wesely degree college .. unfortunately we dont have place to pray in our college so we want to start a chapel in our college for that we need the permission of princhipal we decided t o ask him with a letter plz help us with a creative letter with literature values in it


Answers for this question:

Here`s how

Name of your School

To whom it may concern,

Hello I am writing this letter to ask permission from you,
that I am going abroad on job for 4 months. I need help to write a letter to primary school principal for granting permission to my daughter to go with her parents abroad for 4 months. My daughter is in kindergarden.

I am hoping for your usual kind and consideration

your name.


this is just a sample that you can use as guide.

hope it helps!


“date here”

Dear “name”,

I am writing on behalf of my “son/daughter name”who will be attending
“name of school” in the “year number” academic year as a “grade number”.

“Write your reasons here”

Thank you for your time in this matter.


Your name.


You say ” dear ………….” I would like to leave college early because ………… and say why and by who consented you to do so ……………………


I will be late due to the fact that the train station is far away from school. Please excuse me. Thank you!


Well using words is good way to go about it… words consist of letters found in the alphabet.


How to write an application to the police for lossing my driving licence.


Consult him/her first face to face ask for permission.