How long does it take for a police report to be filled?

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How long does it take for a police report to be filled?. Do You mister or misses has this kind of concern?, If do then plz check the solution below this line:

Had a drunk driver take out my fence last night, police only gave me a report number. So I have to assume she had no insurance. I need to go get that report asap to give it to my insurance.


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I would suggest getting hold of the local police station with the number and inquire as to the status of the report. good luck.


There is no real set time frame that the police have to work within to arrest someone for a reported crime. Once the police conduct an investigation and they have narrowed down to one suspect it is up to them to obtain the evidence to get an arrest warrant. Once the warrant for a suspect has been administered it does not go away, ever. That charge is still outstanding on the individual who`s name it is in and that person can be arrested any time for the crimes they have committed in the past.

For example, You can commit a crime be suspected and have a warrant issued for your arrest but have never been tracked down or arrested. You can then proceed to live under the radar for 5 years (just as an example) but then are stopped for a minor traffic violation, once they run your name through the computer they look for any outstanding warrants. You will then be arrested on site and brought to face the charges that were laid against you when the warrant was issued.

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As a general rule, you should file a police report as soon as the crime happens. Many people, however, have reasons for not filing a police report immediately. Perhaps the crime was committed by a family member or maybe you fear some sort of retribution from the perpetrator. Sometimes you aren`t even aware a crime has been committed until long after the fact, as sometimes happens with thefts and robberies. It`s important to understand that there are time limits on when you can file a police report, and learning those limits will ensure you never fail to file one before the time is up.

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That depends on the speed of the police officers in your area and the severity of the crime that was committed by your enemy. It`s hard to speculate cause this is the work of the police in your area.


It depends on the type of incident, and the amount of information given, needed it could take about 5 minutes.


They must write a report immediately if it concerns a minor.


An officer has 24 hours to file a report.