How long does skull candy wireless headphones take to charge?

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How long does skull candy wireless headphones take to charge?. Are You Mrs or Mr own that kind of uncertainty?, If do then plz found the best solution right after below:

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They work for anyone that is interested.

The + and – buttons for sound does not however, but you can use them as amazing headphones and for the microphone.

I wouldnt say i suggest them for the price i paid, but i love skullcandy and have had a pair of their earbuds at least since they came out with them.

EDIT: The pause button works for at least Pandora. havent checked if it works as an answering button yet – as i havent had anyone call me yet.


You need to buy new headphones this means the earphones are essentially broken! im sorry its happened to me a thousand times in future try not to wrap the earphones aroun the phone or ipod while its connected to the earphone slot it pulls on the wires.


Normally, it will take 2 hours to charge the Beats Studio Headphones when charging from an electrical outlet. If you are using a different charger or you are charging from a USB port it will take longer.


If you are using a computer, your skull candy headphones automatically configures itself for use when plugged in to your computer. There are no special installation required.


How long does it take to charge your beats wireless headphones coming from the computer? Battery is dead and I want to know how long it takes to charge by “beats wireless”.


Hey, uhm.. I don`t know, if you got the issue fixed or not.
But, I just bought the Beats by Dre Wireless and it charged fully within an hour, more or less.


You should read the instructions on the paper that came on the package with them. There should be a certain amount of time to charge them. If you charge the way to much it makes them run out faster.