How long would my two online deposit take if i deposit it last night?

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How long would my two online deposit take if i deposit it last night?. Are You mam own that kind of inquiry?, If do then please get the best feedback right after this line:\r\n

How long would it take to clear my account two online deposits


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Understand first that H&R block will not be the one in charge of sending the money to your account but the IRS will be in charge. In order to get updated information on whether or not your funds have been sent to your account you will need to visit the website and select the wheres my refund option. This will give you the full details to whether or not your funds have been sent/when they are expected to be posted to your account.


Usually bank transactions like this would take 2-4 businsess day. Well it could be that because it is weekend that is why you are not able to get the money yet. You can check on Monday or maybe Tuesday and hope the money would be on your account by then. You can call the bank by Tuesday as well if the money did not come on Monday to check the status.


No they cannot. Well if the deposit says pending before and now it is not in there it could be on the process of the money being available on your account. Wait for another 3 business days and if the money is still not on your account then call your bank and ask them what happened on the pending deposits that the IRS made for your tax Return.


It will be deposited early in time for holidays but still depends on the bank that you have if how do they process checks and their clearing time.


I know with the money I get from the military and it hits the bank it says pending, a couple of days later it posts. But the money is already added to the bank account.


If deposited before 2 it should be there within the mins. if not itll be the nxt day.


If they have the correct software to do so.