How many gigabytes of total storage does my iPhone 4s have? the model number is a1387?

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How many gigabytes of total storage does my iPhone 4s have? the model number is a1387?. Are You Mrs or Mr own this kind of question?, If yes then plz get the solution below this line:

How many gigs does my phone have? I am trying to sell it. is it 8 or 16?


Answers for this question:

You can easily check this by going into General, then Usage and then you will see how much.


You can check the storage size or how many gigabytes your iPhone has by connecting your iPhone in your computer and launching your iTunes, then just click on your iPhone name when it has been recognized by your iTunes, you will then see how many gigabytes your iPhone has and how much space you have left.

Another option is from your iPhone go to: Settings -> General -> About
Then this will show you the information of your iPhone including the Size of your iPhone.


Usually, the device will give you a timer where you can access your device again (usually in minutes). If you still can`t access it / if it is still blocked, you need to hard reset the phone. Here is an instructional guide to do so:



It`s locked which country If it`s locked to Australia 3 or United Kingdom(UK) 3 network ,get the remote unlock service at and Unlock it from network lock easily.


It`s probably worth about 100 – 200 dollars.. However, depends on the condition and where you`re trying to sell it.


Hi i want to unlock my iphone please hel me out. the model of apple iphone is 01 195200 608141 7.


It is in the general, and then “about” it should tell you in there.


Where I can find java games for A1332 EMC380B.. ? Please give me a link.


Reboot your device by pressing the volume up button.