How repair my intex aqua power mobile imei no?

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How repair my intex aqua power mobile imei no?. Do You misses or mister has this kind of query?, If do then plz read the best feedback right after below:\r\n

No netwark invalid imei help help me


Answers for this question:

To restore the IMEI number of your phone you should follow the provided steps below and download what is required.

– Download the terminal emulator from google play then install it to your tablet.


1. Open the Emulator application
2. Type SU then tap the enter key in the keyboard to get super name permission.
3. Type echo`AT+EGMR=1,7,”IMEI_NUMBER”­`>/dev/pttycmd1 and press the enter.
4. Last step after you enter what is needed and required reboot your tablet and your done.


I faced the same problem when I switched to super power mode. However, after few attempts to find the right ways, I could recover to general mode as follows. On the bottom of the Intex Aqua Plus phone you`ll find three button(from left) multiple window button, home button and back button. When you touch on window button you`ll get three options- delete, settings and exit. Press on exit it will take you to normal mode.

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Can i use whatsapp in INTEX AQUA 3.2 MOBILE? I have intex aqua 3.2 mobile by android 2.3.6. im having whatsapp but its shows that (ur phone date is inaccurate) but date is in correct format. pls help me.


Get into the settings of handset by connecting to the pc and change the settings by having the software provided.






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