How to Build a Remote Home Audio System with iTunes and Wifi

By On Tuesday, January 16th, 2018 Categories : iphone

Anyone can seize a remote home audio system with iTunes and Wifi utilities, similar to that of the original wireless system available, in a much cheaper cost. To make this realized, you would need your iPhone device and utilize its iTunes and Wifi utilities. For further requirements, you may have to secure a base station (Airport Express) in your house, where you can connect your speakers into.

Here are the little known guidelines you can refer to in making these things possible to achieve:

1. Secure a Wifi network. This is more preferable than Ethernet cables. The wifi network will be utilized for music streaming purposes.

2. Secure an Airport Express base. Having at least one Airport Express for each speaker set will do.

3. Secure speakers. Speakers should be of good, if not of best quality. This entails that speakers should offer good sound quality, with a standard minijack audio. Battery-powered speakers are more recommended for use in this case; else you have to make sure your speakers are placed near an outlet.

4. Ensure to have the right firmware. These requirements are for your iPhone of iPod Touch devices. Either of these portable gadgets can be utilized in the remote home audio system for as long as they have the right firmware installed.

Software Requirements

For the iTunes, a version of 4.6 or higher is necessary. The system platforms can either be Windows XP/Vista or Mac OS X 10.4/higher versions. Other the major software, a remote free application from Apple would also be necessary but optional. You can procure any of them from the App Store or have your own remote application other than those that are present in the App Store.

Once you already have secured everything, you are now good to go with the installation process. It is now time to set up your own wireless home audio system with iTunes and Wifi from your iPhone device.

Here is how you do it:

1. Prior to anything, be sure to connect your computer to a Wifi network you are using.

2. Afterward, proceed on to setting up an Airport Express base station, in a room or spot where you can have music rivulet.

3. Once you have found the right spot, look for a space where you can place your speakers.

4. Using a minijack cable, you can connect the speakers to the Airport Express base station.

5. After securing all the physical connections, proceed with the installation of any Remote application on to your iPod Touch or iPhone device.

6. Once the application is successfully installed, you can now use either portable device to serve as a remote for controlling your newly installed remote home audio system with iTunes and Wifi.